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lundi 18 avril 2011

GaiaCAD Beta II 0.920

GaiaCAD displays GIS and mapping data on a real-time, interactive three-dimensional globe, Cartesian, Mercator and other projections of the Earth.

In the GaiaCAD Earth globe can be rotated and zoomed to display a close-up of any region of the Earth and you can interact with the countries and objects displayed.

Take a look at the Photos to see some of the capabilities of GaiaCAD.

Clarke1866, Clarke1880, Everest1830, GRS1967, GRS1980, Helmert1906, Hough, International1920, Krassovsky1940, SouthAmerican1969, WGS60, WGS66, WGS72, WGS84.

- GaiaCAD can switch between the 3D view of the Earth and a Cartesian, Mercator or user defined projections.
- GaiaCAD can display multiple Raster or Vector layers of data simultaneously, with unlimited number of GIS Objects.
- Each country, river, lake and item of text on the globe is a separate object that can be selected/delete/edit with the mouse.
- GaiaCAD can plot points to a resolution of 1500th of a second of Arc, approximately one inch.
- You can add to any layer, objects like GIS Polygons, GIS polylines, One point GIS Objects (Circles, text, e.t.c.).
- You can capture a view of Earth to BMP file.
- You can load directly as layers, industry Vector files standard like : MapInfo *.MIF files and *.ESRI *.SHP
*.E00 files.
- You can load to layers photo File (Bmp).
- You can load to layers Raster Maps File, Like ADRG, ADRI, DTED (U.S. Defense Mapping Agency).
- You can save/load any Layer to *.Lyr file format.
- You can save/load a View of Earth to *.Env file.
- GaiaCAD support projection like : Spherical, Cartesian, Mercator, AlbersEqualAreaConic, Azimuthal2Equidistant, AzimuthalEquidistant, BehrmannCylEqualArea, Bonne,CylEqualArea, Equidistant, Peters, Sinusoidal.

GaiaCAD Beta II 0.920.rar

Miror - GaiaCAD Beta II 0.920.rar

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